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Welcome to Wallowa School District!


Here you can access the school calendar, find contact information, Access the Library Catalog, and Check the public records.
Check back often for up to date information.

The Wallowa School District, in recognition of its educational responsibilities, will develop goals for guiding the instructional program. These goals will be developed by staff, parents and the community through 21st Century Schools committees, local school committees and advisory committees in the decision-making and goal-setting process. Goals will be reviewed periodically and, where desirable, modified. The district strives to assist each student to develop:

1. The ability to reason and apply knowledge;
2. The basic skills of reading, writing, speaking, listening, visual and computation;      
3. Strong, healthy bodies and emotional well-being;
4. A desire for lifelong learning;      
5. Knowledge and understanding of the theory and practice of how our democratic society functions;
6. Respect for the dignity, the rights and worth of all individuals;
7. Skills, experience and positive attitudes and the capacity to adapt to changing conditions;
8. Attitudes and behavior necessary to develop and preserve our environment;      
9. The ability to live rewarding and satisfying lives and to identify and cultivate moral and ethical values.

In the Wallowa School District we believe it is important that students are not treated as "assembly line products" or objects to be manipulated. Each student shall be considered an individual. The student's welfare shall come first in weighing all decisions. We believe that the student is the first concern of the School district.

Friends of Wallowa School Foundation

Evening Under the Stars 
fund raiser, dinner and auction 

September 21st opening at 5 pm.

Tickets are available at the high school office, from FFA students and at the Blonde Strawberry.  It costs $20 per person, or $50 for a family, if tickets are bought in advance.  You pay an additional $5 if you buy a ticket at the event.  It will be held at the Pow Wow Grounds unless it rains, and then it will be held in the BJR (cafeteria) in the elementary building of Wallowa School.

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