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Wallowa High School Inspired by Motivational Speaker


WHS invited motivational speaker, MOsley WOtta, to speak to them on Thursday, September 21st.  Students and staff were inspired by his vulnerability, openness, and messages that he wanted to convey.  "I was talking about things that were risky and unsafe in order to feel safe and comfort." MOsley said of his poetry.  All of his poetry comes from his experiences in life.

MOsley opens the speech by speaking in a different language.  He proceeds to ask the audience what language he is speaking.  No one answers.  "You don't want to be wrong, you know the pangs, the pain, and the punishment of being wrong.  It comes form the inside out." MOsley said.  Students and staff then begin to open up and take guesses as to the language he spoke.  Gibberish was the language.  "If we don't speak that language, how do we communicate?  Body language.  Tone.  The way you say it.  How you say it."  This is more important than the actual words being said.  

MOsley recites one of his poems "Cracked Eyelashes" which describes his emotions as an outcast high school kid.  "There's so much emphasis on our appearance on the outside and no focus on the inside."  MOsley said. We have to take that outter shell away brick by brick in order to be unique and be ourselves.  In order to find his wife, MOsley spoke of the struggle he went through to be vulnerable, unique, and not just trying to be like everybody else.  

Thank you MOsley for coming to WHS!