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Our Mission: Through Student learning, Strategic Teaching, teamwork, and flexibility, all Wallowa School District students will become successful and positive contributors to society.
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Fourth grade teacher, Kate McLain, was raised on a wheat ranch in Sherman County. She is no stranger to small schools as she attended grades K-8 in that county, and graduated from Sherman County Union High School.  After high school, Kate attended Oregon State University for three years before getting married and moving to a farm in Wallowa County. 

After the birth of her two daughters, Kate became interested in education as she watched with amazement the growth and development of her own children.  With the youngest being only 1 Year old, Kate returned to college at Eastern Oregon University with her goal decidedly planted to become a teacher of young children. 

One year after receiving her bachelor of science in education from EOU, Kate was hired at Wallowa School District, where she has taught 4th and 5th grades for 27 years.  Her goals throughout the years have been to enhance the self-esteem of each child so that they have the confidence and desire for academic success, and to inspire a joy for learning that will last a lifetime.

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