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Our Mission: Through Student learning, Strategic Teaching, teamwork, and flexibility, all Wallowa School District students will become successful and positive contributors to society.
  • Trap Shooting Club Starts in Fall 2017
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WSD Home

Tom Nordtvedt currently teaches a variety of social studies courses at Wallowa High School including Economics, American Government, AP US History, Early & Modern American History, Ancient Civilizations and The History of Western Civilization.  Mr. Nordtvedt received his Bachelor’s Degree & Teaching Certificate from Seattle Pacific University and is currently in his 21st year of teaching.
Mr. Nordtvedt enjoys living in Wallowa because it allows him to enjoy outdoor activities with his kids.  His family’s favorite outdoor activities in and around Wallowa include hiking, hunting & spending time on the water at Wallowa Lake.
Outside of school, Mr. Nordtvedt enjoys photography, watching films from the Golden Age of Hollywood and acting in theater productions at the Elgin Opera House.

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