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Our Mission: Through Student learning, Strategic Teaching, teamwork, and flexibility, all Wallowa School District students will become successful and positive contributors to society.
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WSD Home

Beccy Nordtvedt teaches Senior Seminar.  The focus of this course is to help students prepare for the next steps after graduating from Wallowa High School.  Course content includes career exploration, post-secondary planning, scholarship preparation, financial literacy and job readiness skills.
Mrs. Nordtvedt received her Bachelor’s Degree in Health Education from Linfield College, a Masters in Teaching from Oregon State University, a Masters in Counseling from University of Alaska Anchorage and earned her administrative credentials through Portland State University.   Mrs. Nordtvedt is starting her nineteenth year in education and is still enjoying it today as much as she did on day one. 
Mrs. Nordtvedt was born and raised in Eastern Oregon and is thrilled to be working and living in Wallowa.  She enjoys the sense of community that the small town of Wallowa provides for her and her family.  
When not at school Mrs. Nordtvedt enjoys running and time spent with her family participating in the many amazing outdoor activities Wallowa County has to offer. 

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