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Dog Sled Race!!
By Bailey and Hailey

On Wednesday we met Rick Katuki and his dogs. He came to our school and talked to preschool through the 6th grades.
Rick's dogs' names were: Lightning, Dynamite, Jackson, Cookie, and Slash. All harnesses are different sizes depending on the dog's body. The dogs run for 6 hours and rest for 6 hours. All the dogs are very skinny and their shoes are called booties. The mushers sleep like turtles and after they are done sleeping the are covered in snow!
The 5th graders went to the dog sled race on January 23, 2014. It was exciting, cold and FUN!!!! Laura Daugerau won the 200 mile race and her number is 4. Rick Katuki is number 7. Rick Katuki had to forfeit because his dogs got in a fight. We don’t know which ones they were. But we will find out. And we will let you know in our next CCC.


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